The Annual DEB Report

The Diversity and Equity Board publishes an annual report on diversity and equity at Occidental College, released at the end of each academic school year.

Board members meet regularly with various offices, departments, and other groups deemed necessary to establish goals and measurable desired outcomes in alignment with Occidental College’s mission statement and commitment to its four pillars: Equity, Community, Service, and Excellence. Reports summarize and note key steps each office has taken during the year and/or semester to reach their initial goals, as well as any alterations to these goals.

The reports are not designed to be comperhensive of every iniative on campus and should be considered within the context of each school year. We believe in contributing to an open, accessible record of Occidental College's history with matters of diversity and equity.


Past Reports

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The fourth Diversity and Equity Report

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The third Diversity and Equity Report

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The second Diversity and Equity Report



The inaugural Diversity and Equity Report